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Dec 07 2010

Zelo, zelo ugodno!

Objavil tohate pod Fun, Novice

Še nimate darila za BOŽIČ??? Naj še enkrat omenimo!!! Do 24.12.2010 imate možnost kupiti album DIFFERENT FACES za samo 4 eur.
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Jul 01 2010

D A N E S…N A…M L A D I N I N E M…O D R U – T O…H A T E

Danes ob 23.00 si lahko na Lentu ogledate skupino To Hate!!!

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Jun 23 2010

Slovenija – Anglija ; NAGRADE!!!

Objavil tohate pod Fun, Novice

Nagradna igra Slovenija gre naprej!!! Napišite rezultat in strelce za Slovenijo proti Angliji, ki bo danes 23.6.2010 ob 16.00. Skupina To hate bomo podarili 5x cd DIFFERENT FACES – Seveda, če boste zadeli :)

To Hate tip : 1:1 Novakovič

Navijajmo za naše JUNAKE!!!

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En odziv

Maj 30 2010

To Hate v Aziji

Objavil tohate pod Fun, Iz medijev, Novice

Coming from Slovenia, To Hate, is a rare band even metal-archives don’t have them listed yet hahaha! Right, we’ve the privilege to review this cheesy act right now. So yes, these guys play Melodic Death Metal. Somewhat linked to the early Gothenburg style which bores me a thousand times each of the track kicks in. I’ve seen a lot of packaging and it seems to me that this one is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen! It is a PRO-PRINTED CDR, means that the face of the disc is silkscreened and that is in full colour – not that it’s my first time receiving cdrs of this kind ‘though…

Ok, if we go deeper to these guys music, it wouldn’t be right if we won’t talk about their “booklet” since this is the one grabbing my attention the most (than their music). I think there are 8 panels, I suppose to think there are lyrics but to my surprise, there’s none! Instead, we got another ridiculous bunch of artworks of the band members faces! I’ve no idea why is this being brought up, ah ah! The faces were drawn gory that makes this booklet looking like that comic called “Heavy Metal”.

Going to the music, like what I’ve said it is bordering on Gothenburg style Death Metal and hmmm… it’s either a love it or hate it tracks that you’re about to hear in this band! I mean, they might be “good”, the guitars were great, but it is this style that I don’t like – too bad! And yes, all these songs came out very very cheesy! The so-called ‘outro’ is pure fucking gayness ah ah ah!!

I don’t want going further with this band, since you already know what I am about to say anyway! The production is just ok, considering a style like this, it should be more ‘clean’ and this time it isn’t! Is that all you like to hear…


01. Beginning To Hate
02. Break A Spell
03. Key To The Suicide Area
04. Programme Zero
05. Step Of Truth
06. Silence Implies Consent
07. Panic Disorder
08. Zirberck 1329
09. Useless Device
10. Black Hole Of Miracles
11. Burn Down With My Existence
12. Micron

TO HATE – Different Faces CD : 4/10


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